Monday, October 5, 2009


Thursday night only made as far as Bishopville, SC before pulling into the Wilco Hess there and called it a day. Took some Nyquil and crawled into the bunk. And slept and slept.

Got moving about 6am and traveled the rest of the way home. After spending the weekend (fri-sat) generally going from feeling ok to feeling bad and otherwise sleeping and generally being so-so company it was time to put some miles on this morning.

Took off this morning and put 300 miles behind me that will leave a little more that 500 to cover tomorrow good enough.

On a positive note racked up 32500 miles last quarter the best quarter yet and the mpg came in at 7.15 good enough for a .02 pm bonus. Next quarter won't be so good with the Turkey bird and christmas holidaysbut I still should get a bit over 100k for the year. No complaints for my first calendar year in the business.

Have a good day

Bookerz out

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