Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trucking new GPS today

Are you maintaining your employees with the Teletype GPS trucking 710,060

"All work and no play makes the employees to escape - or so they say. It seems that would work well in this economy far from a good job that they can from suffering through the trials of the gas and avoid the high cost of feed is. But it hurts to be able to relax during work time. That is why many companies do everything to reduce in order to create an environmentTurnover. But how carriers can create this beautiful environment, with its staff on the street? Although they are not able to fine a home environment with Internet access and offer free snacks throughout the day, what some consider to offer a wide awake on the road - Teletype GPS 710,060th

Of course you know that the main advantage of a GPS system - able to orient easily and quickly from one place to another. However,710,060 Teletype GPS system gives you a little 'more to its customers, because it created specifically for the truck industry. Where you can also be used for traditional GPS system to help you navigate through the streets, this system offers special features, which takes into account all the requirements of a truck.

For example, when drivers travel through the country, making deliveries, it can be difficult to take into account the entire truck --Restrictions that might fall along the traditional routes increased. But this navigation system while knowing that the truck restrictions or break a trip to make, may request that check before leaving the program in action and trucks, to determine the best route, when you arrive at your destination contention without having to return or distraction. So if you are in the past, problems with the load limits had one-way street designations, deck height, privileges, duties anddangerous turn restrictions, be sure to avoid them.

In addition to the truck routing restrictions, the ticker 710,060 GPS system features a 7-inch touchscreen, preloaded maps of the United States and Canada, text-to-speech, turn-by-turn voice navigation, over 12 million points of Interest (POI), and the ability to store waypoints. But this is not the fun part. As mentioned above, all employees are working hard to enjoy the opportunity to earn a bit, "and with this device,we came to do exactly that, with the following characteristics:

Picture Viewer

One of the main advantages of this navigation system is the image viewer, that the employees can gather and access their digital photos. With your employees spend so much time on the road and away from their families, the possibility can be checked on the little jets of growth and need only a little because I came home for a few days or weeks. And what is even better, with yourDrivers who travel destinations such as unique, were able to send photos over the network every city, so you wait to know where the offers. This little perk can certainly add a little "fun and a sense of home that could not otherwise be heard, with a standard navigation system.

MP3 Players

Who does not enjoy a good song? Most people who are especially while driving on the street to entertain the love of their favorite artists. Obviouslyalways listening to the radio for a quick solution, but as a truck driver who constantly travel to new cities where they work, how to find them to be handed over to the next step. It is here that the CD will be of benefit. However, there are only so many songs that fit on a single disc. Therefore found the MP3 player 710,060 on the ticker system is so useful. It provides the ability to store hundreds of songs on your player so you can listen to your favorite music from the earlyEnd of your trip - no matter how long it takes.

Video Player

Another great feature of the ticker's video player, the truck driver to see the films if you allow a break with a stop at once their hotel for the night. Sure, you can not see the player during the trip, but it's nice to know they can have their breaks as they want.

If you plan on GPS systems for your company to upgrade to the much better todayTechnology, it's a good idea to check the teletype 710,060 GPS system. It not only provides navigation works very well, but also a way to help staff devoted to relaxation. Why do they want in the systems of telecommunications equipment for your business?

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