Sunday, March 14, 2010


This past month has been insane. In the month of February I was awarded 3 days off at my day job. So far in March the trend has continued. Fortunately there is an end in sight just as things are starting to pick up with a couple paintings that I am working on. I love when everything comes together.

I thought I would just quickly post a couple images as I just finished painting with that "I could stay up all night and just look at this mark and this mark and this mark" feeling. It's awesome. The artist's high.

The first image is actually of the piece that I am working on now which gave me such a high. It is too dark in the studio to take a decent pic of it tonight but in sketch stage yesterday this is what it looked like.

I am stoked with the way this is piecing together. I also have big plans for the lower (you can't see it cuz it is not attached yet) part of this piece. It is going to involve some construction and be generally awesome!

The second image is of a more resolved piece in the smoke series which I am really excited about. This one came about in that flurry of putting down paint in efforts of trying not to waste any right before you have to leave studio. Sometimes this results in some very happy mistakes.
I for one am loving these.

I am really digging the amorphous quality of these smoke pieces and am really starting to see some reference to some Stuart Davis and Brian Barneclo in the shape of the smoke. More to come soon. For now I'm out. Just wanted to share quickly while I was feeling the right vibe.


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