Friday, January 29, 2010

01/28/2010 Spectulation gone awry

After the movie last night I had stayed up late enough that it would not be long after I awoke that work assignments would start be dispatched. I had not expected much due in most part to the large number of drivers already at the yard when I pulled in last night.

I figured it would play out much like this. I'd get a mid afternoon dispatch for a system load (read non-glass) delivering some where Friday in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Delaware, or New Jersey. After that a deadhead move to Laurinburg or another system load somewhere in the Southeast that would deliver Monday but that I could run through the house for the weekend. That would allow the company to maximize the tractor utilization and also allow me my time at home. A short time at home but time at home none the less. It would also allow me to get my mileage up for the week which stands at a record low 600 miles or so. None of that happened.

On a side note. I should have waited until Sunday to deliver the Coshokoken, PA to Newton, NC. Our week closes Saturday at midnight. That would have served to keep Uncle Sam from digging into my paycheck so deep and beefed up this weeks miles to a somewhat more respectable level. That was my error. I hadn't been tracking my miles and didn't realize that they were as high as they were.

Anyway all the expectations and figuring expressed in paragraph 2 were totally off the mark. So much for knowing what is going to happen. Kudos to the powers that be, that decided early enough to make this weekend very nice one indeed.

Nine O'clock or so the QC beeps. New work assignment. Pick up glass load 1/27-30/2010 17:00- 23:59. That means the load could be ready anytime between yesterday 01/27/2010 at 5pm to 01/30/2010 at midnight. The load delivers Monday so this is my get me through the house load. Ok so no more miles this week. No problem the boss/wife has already been warned about this possibility. The window on them getting this load ready is pretty large. It is now time to see how lucky I am. So I call the shipping desk to see when the load might be ready. BINGO!!!. It is ready now. By the time I cinch down the load and drive to the house it will only be mid-afternoon Thursday. SWEET. Perhaps I can surprise my wife. Thursday, Friday, and Saturday at home that will certainly balance out the pain from a extremely small check next Friday. Got to find the Silver linings where ever they present themselves.

I'm at home now. I don't have to leave until Sunday morning. And Monday morning I'll be in Jackson, MS with 1100 miles on the books. From there they usually send me further west to Texas. But to speculate further than that is a waste as I have shown here today.

You have a nice weekend. I know I will

Bookerz out

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