Monday, October 12, 2009

Keep Trucking

Mid-terms are over! I hear a big crowd cheering when I say that, he he! Now I am ready for finals and I just want to keep trucking until I get done with school. I really enjoy school and learning, I am always learning a crazy amount of new things all the time, but I am ready for a job I love. Ready to photograph and design things that will be in magazines, or will really inspire people!I had a ton of more photo's from NY, it was really crazy how many I actually took, but I love them all and the best part in my opinion is that Griz got some time with the camera. When Katie and I were shopping he would wonder around the neighborhoods we were in and just shoot away. He got some really great shots and it just makes me happy he stepped out of his box a little! You can see all the photos from NY here. Lately I have been wanting to work on macro shots, so today I took the camera out in the yard and played around shooting some rings, they came out amazing and I can't wait to look at them on my computer!This weekend was great, I got to work on editing a shoot I did of this amazing family, which when I am done I will post them here. Griz and I also went for a walk with the pups. We went down to this new park right by us, we never even knew it was there because the walk way was hidden between two houses and a dead end. It was the cutest little park right by the river. We let the dogs run around and have some fun in the water. Griz was walking over all the rocks to get down to me by the water and found this little snake, well it wasn't that little, but it was a baby. He kind of freaked out because Rodie was just on the same rock. Griz knew it was poison because it had a pointed head, but it wasn't until we got home that we found out it was a cotton head. We freaked out because we both know if Rodie would have gotten bit he would have been a goner. I swear this dog has nine lives. He really out lives the craziest situations.The rest of the weekend was great, relaxing. We got to hang out with Griz's brother and his wife, they just moved to Tampa a week ago and we are all excited they are here. There will be many hang outs from now on! Ok well thats it for today!Happy Monday-Lo

me and Katie, best friends since 3rd grade!

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