Monday, October 12, 2009

OCTOBER 12, 1989, 2009

FIRST 5 YEARS: (Thursday)
For some reason I wasn't feeling well so I guess it was best to have just a driving day. Woke up long before daybreak in the west side of Laramie, Wyoming. Went east on I-80 and was going through Cheyenne, Wyoming as the sun was making it's appearance. Didn't stop in Cheyenne; just continued east into Nebraska. Once into Nebraska, it seems like the lightly hilly land turns green...I mean really green. Continued to Big Springs, Nebraska where I fueled my truck tanks(161 gallons). bought me some chips and dip and I was on my way east. Got to Lincoln, Nebraska where I decided to take another long break. Cut driving a little short today( about 2.5 hours) as not feeling too well. Took a good 8 hour sleep break and was up heading east before midnight. Was passing Ashland, Nebraska as my calendar day ended.

Nothing today...will have a lot starting in a couple days...

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