Thursday, November 5, 2009


It was almost majestic. The line of trusty steads lined up looking like they were ready to bolt at any moment. Eighteen wheelers lined up 2 feet in front of another, 3 feet behind another all just a few feet off the asphalt. It was almost majestic looking. But I had placed my trusty stead there just hours before so I knew the truth.

The truth being fear to venture further back into the parking lot in Blackwell, AR was taking your own job security in hand. To obtain prime parking space in the front row required a leap of faith. Faith that the entire truck would not venture into a hole that it would not be able to arise from. The (entire) contents of my truck shifted from it's previously held spot as I crawled thru the pot holes and that was enough for me. Never again would I pass into the valley of pot hole death (until I find another).

I stoppped here last night, BUTTTT I was empty and I had entered a different way. This place is ok when your empty or don't care. But if you got product you care about or don't want to pay for I reccomend a different stopping point.

My day as a whole was great!!!. Quick in and quick out, but my choice of stopping point left a lot to be desired. Live and learn

Have a good night

Bookerz out

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