Thursday, November 5, 2009

Trucking Along

The word of the week in our house has been - SUNSHINE!! Finally, we are drying out from what seems like endless weeks of rain! The girls have been playing outside everyday and enjoying God's creation. The weather has been absolutely perfect!

Caroline did her book report yesterday at Book-It. They had to do a demonstration from a how-to book. Grandma Osborne had given her a book on hand art so she chose that as her book. Her demonstration was based on the bunny rabbit. She did an excellent job! Then, of course, we went to Mazzio's following Book-It and had a great time of fellowship with other homeschoolers. Caroline met a new friend - Hannah Grace - who is also in the 2nd grade. Later this month we are going to tour the Mississippi Public Broadcasting television studio with the group and then have a picnic following. We are really looking forward to that!

Victor's job has picked up in the past couple of weeks! Praise Jesus! We are so grateful for your prayers - they are working!! Keep them up! Victor is going to a conference in Birmingham this weekend with some of the guys from church on helping other men that have sexual addictions/problems. He gets back some time on Saturday.

Taylor and Allison are doing good. Allison is starting to really get the hang of going potty. We still aren't 100% there but it won't be too long! The older sisters are great encouragers to her. It's like a big party whenever she goes potty! :) Allison has even gone potty several times while we have been at stores or in a restaurant!

We got a surprise phone call this week from Ashlee Woodcock Wildish (& Stephan) asking us to be their little girl's Godparents! We were so shocked and honored by their request! Of course, we said YES! Ashlee is due in January and is expecting a little girls - Audrey Joy. We can't wait to meet her!

My dad had cataract surgery the first of this week and has recovered nicely. He had a good nurse taking care of him :) We will be going down in Clearwater in February for a visit with the family and Victor and I will also attend a Love & Respect conference in Orlando while we are there. We are sooo excited! The girls can't wait to go down and see Nana, Papa, Meemaw, Pepaw, Minnie, and the beach!

Well, girls are calling my name!
Much love!

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