Monday, November 9, 2009


Let me start by saying.............................

The BUC's won.

The BUC's won.

The BUC's won.

Maybe the only time this year it happens, but the buc's won. Enough on that subject.

Usually on my weekends that I'm out on the road I get a 34 hr reset. This might serve to gum up the works as far as getting good miles this week. We'll just have to see. Got a couple of things going on with the truck as well. At sometime I am going to have to bite the bullets on these and get them knocked of my to do list as well.

1. Truck needs a dry pm. Not sure what this entails, but I'll leave that to the experts. My ability (or lack there of) has been explained in a previous post.

2. The bunk heater does not work. I am not going thru another winter without it working. It doesn't even looked assembled. Who ever had this truck before me thought they could fix it (??). Apparently they hadn't heard the addage "To thy ownself be true"

3. Drive tires are wearing unevenly. Driver side inside tire and passenger outside tires are worn down more. I need to let the experts take a look to see if they need replacing or not.

This place I deliver tomorrow is suppose to be a pain in the butt place. This evaluation is from a driver I know, but he whines about everything. So I cut the whining in half and still it might be a difficult place to deliver. We will just have to see in the morning.

Todays drive was nice and easy. Better weather doesn't exist. And to top it off I've never taken I-64 so it was some new road. May pay for it with the difficulty at a new delivery point (new to me anyway). Sometimes, well most of the time you got to take the good with the bad.

Tomorrow will be interesting at anyrate

Have a good night

Bookerz out

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