Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Forgive my tardiness, but my life has been topsy-turvy for the last month or so...

I have decided to end my Canadian trucking experience for good. I have had enough. It has been fun for the last (almost) five years, but it is fun no more. I did enjoy it very much while it was a new experience, and I'll never regret having done it. But as another winter approaches, I have to say that, since the last one, I have been looking forward to it with dread. Deep down I'm a European trucker. Snow once in a while, OK. But not all the time, please.
Last but not least, I miss my family in Spain, and the food...

I will be in Spain on time for Christmas, and I plan to keep on trucking.

Here are some recent pictures of my last trips.

As you can see, snow arrives early October.

But then it melts away...

And then it comes back.

Chiliwack, BC. Ahhh, the eternal springtime...

Eastbound from Vancouver, Chiliwack is just before the Rockies.

Back to real life... across the Rockies.

Busy snow plow, working on wet snow.

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