Monday, November 9, 2009

Bad to Better!

It has been a LONG time since I have blogged on this page. I mostly do Twitter.

July 2009:
We went on vacation in Indiana with our daughter and some of the rest of our family that flew out to Indiana. We had a great time visiting Chicago!

After our vacation... Sam Kholi Transport notified us that our wages had been cut (by 6 cents a mile) to only 30 cents per mile, and that they were reducing their fleet from 75 trucks to 25 trucks. Since we had been only getting about 2500 miles a week -for a team- we knew we could not live on these wages.
We told them that we would be looking for other employment.

August 2009. Still getting only 4000 - 4300 miles every two weeks.
Started applying at other companies.

On Aug. 27, (Thursday). Spirit Express Trucking Inc. called us and said they would like to hire us. We immediately rented a car in Ontario, CA, unloaded our Sam Kholi truck, and drove to Fontana to return their truck.
We jumped into our rental car and drove to Denver where Spirit Express Trucking is based, and where they hold their orientation.

Aug. 28th (Friday) was our 10th Wedding Anniversary... and we spent it "road tripping" from Fontana, CA to Denver, CO. along the way we stayed at Circus Circus in Las Vegas... only $29. and in Green River, UT at the Motel 6... only $45.

Made it to Denver on Sat. Aug. 29th. Spirit Express set us up in their contracted hotel "Hotel 3737". Nice place. We returned our rental car, and took the shuttle back to the hotel. There are good eating places nearby.

We started orientation on Monday, Aug. 31.
Spirit Express Trucking is really a nice place to work. Nice people, and... they are paying us 40 cents per mile!

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