Thursday, December 3, 2009

Cross our fingers...

...and hope for the best.

That's what the hubs and I are doing right now with his new job. It doesn't sound or so far seem all that great and I honestly don't think he'll be there for very long but they were the only trucking company that offered him a job and after pretty much 2 months of no job, he (we) jumped on it.

The kids & I took him to Montgomery, Ala. late Sunday where the company had a Greyhound bus ticket waiting on him. (He was thrilled, let me tell you!) From there he would go to Nashville, Tn. to the Western Express trucking terminal, be put up in a hotel for their 2 day orientation and then be given a truck to be on his merry way. Sounds like it would go smoothly, but of course, it didn't.

We found out on the way to Montgomery that they only provide lunch and if he gets up at 5AM, he can grab a Continental breakfast. Let me just say that this company does not pay the drivers for going to orientation (as others do). They also don't pay safety, fuel and retention bonuses (as others do). BUT again, they offered him a job so I should just stop complaining- NOT. Anyhoo, the first day of orientation lasted from 6 AM to 9 PM. The last shuttle from the terminal to take people to eat was at 8 PM. Hmmmm, what are these guys supposed to eat? So hubs walked to the nearest food joint, a Waffle house, at 9:45. I stayed on the phone with him b/c I was worried about him getting mugged or something.

After his orientation was over, which hubs says was crap (but this is the 3rd company he's worked for in 3 yrs.- 2 layoffs due to gas prices- so really what more could they have to go over besides their company policies?) they scooted him outta the hotel to sit in the terminal lobby for hours on end waiting for another trucker to come pick him up to take him to his assigned truck-in Kentucky. He was the last guy from his "class" to not have a load out of there.

He arrived at his truck, which had been left by the previous driver (reason it was in Kentucky), at around 3:30 AM. The truck was dead so he had to call for someone to come jump it. He then received a message over the CallQuam that that will be a charge of $160. WTF?! Finally he gets that taken care of and now he is sitting. Waiting for a load back to Nashville so the truck can be serviced and cleaned. What a crock of shite.

So it looks as if he won't be getting any loads the rest of this week. We're hoping he gets some good ones next week b/c that's Christmas money....of course he found out at orientation that they run off of a star system and the guys with the highest stars get the loads offered to them first. A new guy obviously, has no stars.

Here we go with it. WWWWHHHHHEEEEEEEEE................

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