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Glossary of terms in the load

Freight has a unique vocabulary, mostly rooted in a history of long trips. The vocabulary can be a bit "overwhelming and confusing for a newcomer.

Analyze some of the terms used here:

Discount - A discount for any damage or overloading

Accessories - Some services that are not considered "standard" and incur additional costs. This may, within delivery, insurance, lift gate service and otherServices

Load (BOL) - shipping documents is important that the names and addresses of places of origin and destination, description of the goods delivered, money orders and other relevant information, it appears

Booking - Organization for the carriage of goods by a carrier

Boxcar - An enclosed car freight train

- The amount of transporter that has agreed to move freight by railTruck, ship, airplane, or a combination of these two modes

Carthage - local (as opposed to interstate and international), the trucks with goods

The demand - a demand on the carrier for the payment of damages or other losses resulting from the negligence of the carrier for transport, handling

Classification - assign rating to a particular type of product can, determine the size, value and the difficulty of transporting the goods. Thecorrect class is imperative for an accurate freight quote

Consignee - The person or company to which the freight is shipped

Consignor - The person or company identified as the shipper of freight

Container - A large metal box resembling a truck trailer body that can be shipped via vessel or rail and then attached to a trailer chassis for further transport, containers come in many sizes and types

Deadhead - If a truck with a load and then runs a leg of a trip without cargo

Declared value - a magazine can sometimes qualify for a lower rate if you declare a lower value, for a real object can be dangerous in case of loss

Density - The weight of cargo per cubic foot, this measure is important for an accurate freight quote

Double Drop - A follower of the open deck with a raised section in the front and rearand some below average, which can be used for the transportation of goods exceptionally high

Drayage - Transportation Local Trucking Carthage Same

Dry Van - Refers to a trailer 53 ', which can be heated or ventilated, but not chilled

Exception: If an item found by a carrier (usually management) is received, the freight forwarder has anomalies or suspected, the firsttransport

Freight - Used in several different manners, can refer to the actual cargo or to the charges assessed to a shipper by a carrier for hauling that cargo

Gross Weight - Cumulative weight of cargo, packaging and freight car or container

HAZ MAT - Hazardous Material

Intermodal - Use of multiple modes of transportation to move containers of cargo - can include sea, rail, road and air freight Travel

LTL or truck - vessels when the goods are not of importance to need a truck for himself, the LTL shipments generally in the range £ 100 £ 20,000

NMFC - National Motor Freight Classification (see classification above)

Piggy Back - An agreement of intermodal transport, which are loaded in truck trailers, placed on a cart and moved to a destination

PRO- The tracking number assigned by the carrier for a specific transfer

Proof of delivery - On receipt of a shipment for delivery

Puppies - A short trailer with another small trailer used to a double-tandem-trailer to create or

Summons or citation - an offer of goods at a price based on the shipping and some of the terms defined

Reefer - refrigerated orPendants

Stack train - a special car that the stacked containers can take up two

Step left deck - a trailer was a standard apartment in the front section and a section on the back, used to transport goods more

Curb weight - The weight of the empty wagons or empty containers, sea, or intermodal transport

Tariff - A publication of the rate-setting and the needs ofTransportation Company-specific

Organized Terminal - An area where the freight is and prepare for loading and shipment to its destination, the cargo terminal is often accompanied by a backing, after they collected and put into another container or trailer for transportation and intermodal freight is often unloaded at a terminal, before the declaration and the final delivery default

TL - Truckload freight (if the amount of loadenough to fill in order to be a trailer or a container filled

- Tractor unit of power, and used to tow trailers

Trailer - The part of the truck, in which the goods are loaded, transported

Ventilated Trailer - A trailer with small openings in walls to allow air flow through the outside air when the doors are closed

Luggage storage of goods

While this list may seem long, there are hundreds of otherIndustry terms and expressions that can be run over. If you are a beginner or the sender of the experience, you can hear a new term, from time to time. Do not hesitate to contact us to see what all the burdens associated word is always possible.

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