Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fire Trucking

(in the spirit of full disclosure these pictures are from Heidi's camera. I was supposed to email them to her about 2 weeks ago. But come on, like SHE is EVER going to blog this. Not judging. Just saying.)

On our way to the museum one day we stopped to watch the fire department doing some drills. They generously invited us to come over and take a tour of the truck. Max's head nearly exploded he was so excited.

Fire fighter Tino





Getting fitted with the mandatory ropes. Tino and Mateo took a ride up 110 feet in the ladder. It was so great for them.

I love Mateo's face.


And Up. We enjoyed the view from the safe ground below. 110 feet is a long way up. I think the cats in Lehi who get stuck in a tree will be just fine.

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