Sunday, August 30, 2009

HotShot part Duex

How does LTL and standard Trucking differ? First of all is the size of truck. Most , not all but most LTL freight is moved by smaller trucks. From class 4 , 5, and 6 trucks. Second is the GVW of loads, that are mostly 26,000 or less. Which means no CDL required to run LTL freight. Dedicated runs, and less fuel and taxation requirements means a few more green stamps in your pockets. Next there are a albeit limited but a few major carriers specializing in LTL JIT freight. One being Jones Motor Freight. What if you could combine both towing and trucking? The first thing you'll think of is a carrier(rollback) , but what about a trailer on the back of a standard boom style tow truck. Likewize hauling cars and scrap from and too salvage yards? You still need to keep a drivers log if you run over 100 nautical miles, you still need to stop at chicken coops and still need a medical card. Commercial base plates and insurance , occasionally you'll need to get a DOT inspection. But that's the limit of restriction. If you can maintain that your income can be better than the usual OTR trucking. What are the limitations? That in my next blawg.


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