Sunday, August 30, 2009

More than just another pretty truck attended the Dallas,TX truck show known as GATS. (see banner above)We were very pleased to see the topic of safety as the key point of interest this year. We were able to network and expand our panel of experts who will be providing information for us to disseminate to our visitors. Thanks to Nate of the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Nate shared with me the newest concerns of truck safety and how his organization helps truckers and trucking companies get information to the manufacturers about safety issues on new and existing truck models. He explained, they [NHTSA] have had success in correcting some defects and safety concerns presented to them by drivers, company mechanics and safety personnel. appreciates an organization like this, even if it is a government agency, who truly cares about ALL drivers safety on the highways.

Another special group we spoke to was BT Friendly. BT (Be Trucker) Friendly spreads 5 key points to driving safely around trucks. Kelvin Spencer of BT Friendly says these 5 tips are:
1. DO NOT tailgate
2. DO NOT cut me off
3. DO NOT ride in my blind spots
4. DO NOT drive into my left or right turns
5. DO NOT make sudden stops in front of me
AND adds this reminder- DO NOT DRINK and DRIVE

Kelvin says, that when people demonstrate their knowledge of these safety measures, they provide them with a window decal to display in their rear window. This lets approaching trucks know they are around a driver that knows how to operate safely around them. This is a great idea and we wish them continued success.

We were pleased to speak to some of the members and staff of the Ol' Blue team, Texas State Troopers and Texas DOT Commercial Vehicle Division. This organization allows drivers to "ask the law" about current driving regulations and new legislation affecting the legal operation of trucks and driver compliance's. The ol' Blue team travels the country teaching auto drivers about trucks and how to maneuver safely around them. They set up a truck with autos parked around it, to show just how difficult it is for truck drivers to see them. Most who attend are astounded at the blind spots drivers must contend with. We recommend you visit Ol' Blue whenever you get a chance to.

Truck shows like GATS are a re great place to see and learn more about the trucking industry. These shows are labeled as conventions, but offer a great deal more such as custom trucks on display, a pride and polish truck competition, including some trucks with some fabulous lighting. Many vendors and organizations like and the others mentioned in this post, take these opportunities to meet the public and spread the word of the great contribution trucking plays in our economy and to educate the motoring public about safely operating around the big rigs. these shows keep a regular schedule and are located in places like Louisville, KY, Las Vegas, NV, Dallas, TX and there is even a Latino truck show in California. Google "trucking shows" to get more information.

Thanks for visiting our blog and please educate yourself about big trucks, it could save your life.

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