Thursday, September 17, 2009



Capitalism is the cardiovascular system of this nation. The USA is a strong developed nation. Capitalism has set us apart from the world. Why are our leaders so determined to fundamentally change Americas successful 233 year history for the sake of politics?

Europe is a deteriorating coalition of Liberal countries. The European nations are a chaotic union of Liberal powers. Europe liberally placing humans on an even playing field has created economical anarchy. This so called compassionate approach has European unemployment at 30%. What does congress see in this?

In America there’s always been the less fortunate. There’s many different causes contributing to unsuccessful people, but Congress believes they can take individual humans and give them success. How does congress plan to maintain these artificial levels of provided achievements? Is congress using the underprivileged as a motive to revert our great country? Nevertheless, their plans do not reflect past accomplishments.

Obama said in a speech, we would never go back to the way we were. Solely capitalism frames our past, Obama saying we will not go back means, dismantling successful capitalism. Fundamental changes are already implementing that promise. Obama has made it clear Wall Street, Big Business, and free trade (capitalism) is the aspect of economical decay. Is eliminating free trade the answer, or part of an unwavering agenda?

Using an economic decline to vanish free trade spells big trouble for American businesses. Mainstream Americas are aware that Liberals loathe Capitalism. Liberals are using capitalism (free trade) as another one of their negativity titles. According to Liberals, nothing in America works right, or at least not up to their standards. Capitalisms’ economical resolve quickly sustains a strengthen conclusion if left alone.

Capitalism is plainly, free trade. This essential method of trade has built an envious nation here and abroad. The world has relied on Americas financial well-being for six decades. More important, capitalism made America a country worth living in, moving to, invest in, and most of all, a nation the world could trust. American allies and its citizens are now questioning our leaders diplomacy, and honesty within their words.

Capitalism purchases our homes, and cars. Simple luxuries such as nice clothes and festive dinners are nice, but most of all, it gives us pride. Capitalism is the countries’ life veins. The circular motion of capitalism sustains freedom, the soul of our nation. Rich business owners afford our salaries. Without capitalism that affordability will die.

We write the checks that’s made possible by freedoms money. Without that income, your paper checks are worthless. Without capitalism we face a future that looks like France, Germany, and England. Have you seen these non-capitalistic countries lately? Do you want our government running American companies? Please review our 233 year history.



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