Thursday, September 17, 2009

Trucking Along

All has been well here at the Linville household. Isaac continues to amaze me with his humor and speed! He has truly been going 100 MPH lately. We had an appointment yesterday with a neurological psychiatrist. I had no idea what one of those was either until yesterday. Turns out they specialize in the developments after a head injury and focus on how the children are adjusting emotionally and behaviorally.

As I mentioned, Isaac has been going 100 MPH and although he's two and has always been on the go, at times it's been a little over the top compared to where he was before the accident (i.e. running in circles for an hour, no napping). It was reassuring to hear from the neuro psych that this is very common. Why, they don't exactly know but apparently it should subside a little at some point. In addition to the daytime energy, he's also a bear to get down and keep down at night. Like after running on high all day, by 9pm he is still not ready to crash (even after not napping)! Well this too is not uncommon and so they recommended giving him melatonin to help mellow him out at night. I am just hoping and praying that this will give us all a little more rest.

The psych also reassured me that I should not be concerned about the Fragile Child Syndrome that I mentioned in an earlier post. He needs to be watched, I should be concerned and none of that is going over the top at all. I'm so glad she said what she did because although I continued to be on his every move, felt I was obsessing. Four more weeks until we can be fairly confident that the fractures have healed but she also told me Isaac will always be a helmet child. For those Mariners fans it's like John Olerud - he suffered a brain injury and wears a helmet even in the field. Same would be for skiing, snowboarding, white water kayaking, etc. Not that I anticipate Isaac to partake in all that fun during his lifetime - but it's good to know if he wants to, he can - extra protection just would be required.

Later this week we see the neurological surgeon and on Saturday the ENT. I am really anxious about the ENT appointment. He's the nerve guru! I will surely be reporting after these visits!

The rest of our family is doing fabulous!

Thanks to all those who still follow and pray for our family!

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