Thursday, September 17, 2009

Starting Anew

I've deleted everything that I entered last year and decided to start it anew. this weekend I'm planning to get a aircard so I won't have such a difficult time finding net connections. That should allow me to post alot more regularly.

Well its been almost a year now since I've changed careers and started driving a truck. I chose Maverick Specialized for several reasons.

1. They would have me as a newbie.
2. Main Terminal for specialized division relatively close to the house.
3. Time at home every 2 weeks. (gotta keep the wife happy)
4. Excellent mileage rate compared to most other companies taking on newbies.
5. Ninety percent positive or neutral comments on the forums.
(most unusual considering how much truck drivers like to complain)
6. Good training program.

The recruiter was spot on so no complaints in that department. Around May they eliminated layover pay, but I had only been able to collect it 3 times since I started so no skin off my back.
YTD I'm averaging 2100+ paid miles a week. That includes the first week of the year with zero miles. Jan and Feb really sucked so if I was to exclude them I'm quite sure the average would be a lot higher. I've been in the retail industry for the last 20 years with various companies and unless you get into upper management the pay left a lot to be desired. In other words it wouldn't take many miles to surpass what I was making. Nov, Dec, Jan, Feb after you deduct the cost of living out on the road I averaged little better than I was doing before. Since then I've done considerably better and I get to see the country a bit.

Bookerz out

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