Monday, August 3, 2009

July 22

We left for the shipper which is located on Mcduff St. outside of downtown Jacksonville at 0600 and arrived at 0715. I went to check in at the shipping desk and was told they would call me when a dock became available. We had an 1100 appointment but we were hoping that by arriving early we could get loaded early. No such luck, the shipping office called me at 1100 and gave me the dock number for us to back into. The shipping office called me after I backed into the dock and told me I needed to go inside to count the product that was to be loaded. They had me count the product by writing down the number the warehouse worker gave to me as the count of each pallet, what a joke. They finished loading us a 1330 and we left for Ft. Worth, Tx. We stopped in Robertsdale, AL for the night.

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