Monday, August 3, 2009


I had a series of events regarding my blog/website over the past 24 hours which rendered my blog un-viewable by pretty much anyone but me. Sorry for that.

I had been trying to detach my blog from my domain name so I could actually start building a website and it proved to be a huge pain in the rear. But after a few irritated clicks and a chat session with a friend for possible solutions, some how or another, it was all fixed!

I'll still be blogging here on blogger but you will have to either click on a button on my website (if you have bookmarked) or type in to get to me from here on out. Nothing major, just back to the way it was before I bought my domain and attached it to my blog.

I have no freakin' clue what I am gonna do with my website yet. I'd like to do something trucking related, maybe post a little creative writing about some of my experiences or something like that. If anyone has any ideas for a website that would appeal to my readers and others that they would like to pitch, I'm all ears. I love new ideas!

Anywho... I'm off to sleepy dream land. I gotta get up hella early to make my delivery in Mass in the a.m. and I seriously need some sleep.

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