Monday, August 3, 2009

On the move again

Made my pickup in Granite City, Il this afternoon. A drop and hook, which is a trucker's dream. No sitting in dock doors, just take your empty trailer in, drop it off and hook up to one that is already loaded. Makes for a much better day!

I am currently in Cambridge City, In. A relatively easy 369 mile day. Will leave out in the morning and head for Woodland, Pa. There is a truck stop less than 5 miles from my delivery location. That will be home tomorrow night.

Guess I will listen to the Nascar race tomorrow, since they were rained out today in Pocono. It is supposed to be nice there tomorrow.

Time to go and get some sleep. Made up a lot of it last night. I woke up this morning after about 10 hours. That felt great.

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