Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Not So Much Trucking!

Well the last few days have been very hard on myself and my family. Have you ever lost something that left a Void in your life? Well I have just encounter that ever so painful heart ache. It makes it seem like life holds no point, No Purpose. I can describe this feeling fairy simple "Much Like a Man would feel with out his Arms and Legs. With No Legs nor Arms you would ask your self WHY? Why do I need to go thur this. In my christian beliefs I believe For every valley we seem to fall in we can always find a mountain top. But this time I'm afraid there is no mountain top. No Rocks to pull my self up on, No Ledges to help me get close to the top. As the pain runs thur my heart my vains rage tears. As my heart beats it seems to only pump tears to my eyes. I am not a weak person by no means, I can usually hold back any tears that may want to flow down my cheeks. For today was the end of the Greatest thing in my Life, MY FAMILY! The one who gave me courage to face the day. The ones who stood fast in my mind when I needed to work a little hard to provide a little better. The ones in my life who could bring a warm feeling in my heart in the worse of times. When me and my wife separated today I left with out 3 yr old son. A Short time ago I placed him down for a night of rest. I set at the top of the bed and rubbed his little head watching the thin brown hairs
fall back into place, as the years of my family ran thur my head. I noticed a tear crawl down my cheek and slowly fall to the bed beside his head. As I wiped away the next tear I noticed a tear roll from his eye down his little cheek. Lord this hurts. I only Pray for a little relief of this pain!

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