Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Why I Love: Ice Road Truckers

By Sunday afternoon at my house, I begin to get a little giddy.  Why?  Because Sunday night's bring Ice Road Truckers on the History Channel!  I have come to absolutely love this show!!!  Those who know me would be surprised by my  total fascination for this show, still in the few weeks it's been on this season, I've become completely addicted to it!

I love it because, first of all, I love random facts and useless knowledge, and I have learned more about trucking, hauling, the Alaskan wilderness and weather than I can even begin to tell you.  I'm fascinated by the way they have to load the truck to keep the weight dispersed appropriately or how shifting gears can be so tricky when there's 10 of them to deal with, or what the rules are when it comes to how many hours you can drive before you have to take a mandatory rest, etc.

Second of all, this season, they have a female trucker on the show, Lisa, and I totally love that women are being represented in such a predominantly male profession!!  Besides that, she's actually a really good driver, and I have nothing but total admiration for her being able to haul massive loads, some even oversized, through the craziest weather conditions known to truckers. 

Also, I've always been a little fascinated by Alaska.  It's part of the United States, but not really (kind of like Hawaii), and throughout the show you're given little factoids of info about Alaska.  I've also learned a ton about the nature of the weather there.  It's obviously a huge factor for the truckers.  It can be really suspenseful when they're driving through a white out and they can't see anything!   Oh, and the road they drive, the Dalton, has some crazy mix of inclines, declines, turns, drop offs and anything else you can think of!!!  Last but not least, the scenery you see in each shot is stunningly breathtaking!  Considering I live in Hawaii, it's a nice change to see all that snow!!!

So if you're looking for something both entertaining and informational to watch on Sunday's give it a try, and let me know what you think.

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