Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny Sunday

Awoke in the sleeper bunk at 11:00 PM CST last night - parked near Oshkosh, Wisconsin - to get ready to roll toward Missouri. Temperature inside the truck was 8°F. Electrical circuit protection switch had tripped during the evening in an attempt to save the tractor batteries during the cold; there were no available interior cab lights or accessories. D-Rod started right up (there are three batteries reserved to crank the starter motor), so I let him idle over an hour for heat and to recharge the batteries before getting underway.

Drove nearly 500 miles through the night/morning. Prior to sunrise, temps under a brilliant, full moon ranged from 6°F to 15°F in Wisconsin, Illinois and Missouri. Stopped for fuel in Springfield, Illinois; drove in light Sunday morning traffic around St. Louis. We're parked about 45 miles from our delivery location at Procter & Gamble in Neelys Landing, Missouri, near the Mississippi River. Plan to drop this load at 11:00 PM tonight, unless dispatch changes these plans with info on our next assignment.

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