Wednesday, February 3, 2010

"Trucking Load Theft"

This does happen. After getting out of the military I worked at many different jobs one was driving a truck. I drove a truck for a company for five years.

One such load I was ordered to pick up, was at a company drop yard in Laredo, TX. I was also cautioned as to this being a high valued load. (Computer parts) Well, after scrapping together the parts that had been stolen off the trailer.

On a high value load, my company had a policy to watch for any vehicles following you for the first 50 miles from the pickup city. The ones that were following me was not that smart. He was following me with a pickup truck that had a cattle guard on the front and blue lights.
It was a team because they switched vehicles. I know paranoid right. Well just because this same two vehicles followed me into a rest stop and, a Truck stop that I was in. Just after I called my company to call the law these two vehicles sped away right before the law showed up.

I told the Highway patrolmen that they sped away and he said that most of the load High Jackers have police scanners in their cars and, probably heard the call on their scanners.


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