Thursday, February 4, 2010

Transportation Industry Downsizing

Washington can twist words, use their fancy rhetoric, but we are headed for economic disaster. We are in a recession and people are losing their jobs! 85,000 lost jobs in December alone.

And, now I hear talk that China is becoming the dominant superpower.

Scares me and makes me sad because this is our children's future that is at stake.

It really hit home when I saw this while traveling in the north part of our state.

Yes, the transportation industry is hurting too. A dramatic slowdown in consumer demand has been crippling the Nation's trucking firms.

What will happen when the Walmart trucks slow down? Where will you get your milk, eggs, bread? Or, your soap, toilet paper, razor blades?

Did you know that 11,000 Walmart warehouse (Sams) employees were laid off UNEXPECTEDLY a few weeks ago. And, 300 administrative positions at the Arkansas headquarters were laid off yesterday. You know it is scary when Walmart is laying people off.

Now, I know this was just a funny trucker with this on the back of his truck. I did find it hilarious. Then, being a mother of boys, I knew that was a Tonka tractor, yep, made in China.

Praying for our country,
The Park Wife

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