Sunday, August 9, 2009

A bit of a winge.

Throughout the time I have been doing this blog I have received numerous emails and comments from perspective drivers looking at moving to Canada and I have always told them the truth when replying to there questions. I dont know if the information I gave them helped them to make up their minds but never the less they found out more about the company from the free advertising that I gave by talking about my job and posting pictures.
So, due to the already implimented pay cuts I will be withholding not only mentioning the company name but also posting pictures of the trucks. It may seem petty but its my way of disputing the reductions placed upon me. Free publicity will be reinstated as soon as my salary reductions have been revoked.
The wage cuts themselves are not massive, a few dollars taken from your loading/unloading bonus and a huge chunk from the already infamous and dreaded layover. Its now expected for you to sit for 24hrs at the companies whim waiting for a job for $50 less, the 12hrs layover which was $75 has been done away with altogether. Also a bonus for delivering into New York city markets has been done away with totally, thats another $100 lighter in the pocket.
I do understand that cuts have to be made to keep the company efficient and would like to know if the same has been applied to other departments or once again has the sh*tty end of the stick been handed to the drivers.
I will of course, continue to take plenty of pictures in the hope that the wage cuts are reversed but until that day.....the company I work for is.....the company !!!!

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