Thursday, August 13, 2009

My Home in the Trees

I did a sketch of this piece a while ago in a very small moleskine that I was working in at the Village Pizza. I loved that original sketch but have really been wanting to do something more with this idea. I either wanted to make it into a t-shirt or into a new painting or both.

Since I've had my epiphany with the Artstream Studios Dwellings show though, I've realized that several of these would work out really well and be a really cool option. It also serves as an excellent opportunity to use more hand-drawn type, which I've been into ever since I have been in contact with Racheal Anilyse. You should check out her typography. It's amazing.

I intend to get a couple more sketches up this week, this is actually the almost complete drawing on board.
Soon I'll be painting this sucker up.

Keep in touch folks, let me know what you think, and if you are in NH be planning on attending the show at Artstream Studios. It is going to be awesome.


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