Sunday, August 9, 2009

Freight Glossary

shipping - refers to the act of transfering products and goods from one party to another using means of transportation like trucks, planes, or trains.
freight - means of transporting goods.
logistics - the management of details of an operation.
shipping company - Any company that can provide shipping services.
shipping container - A shipping container is any cell that can be used to transport goods.
trucking companies - Any company that provides trucking services such as truckload, ltl, air freight, or intermodal freight.
air freight - Air freight refers to shipping goods via airplane or cargo plain.
freight forwarding - A third party logistics provider. Typically arranges shipment for both carrier and shipper.
shipping companies - Any company that provides shipping services.
train freight - Also known as intermodal freight. This is freight that is moved by train.
trucking freight - Refers to moving freight by means of trucking. This includes truckload, ltl, and flatbed.
international freight - Refers to shipping outside of the united states.
ocean freight - Shipping by means of ocean. This could be cargo liner or any other freight by sea.
rail freight - Also known as intermodal freight. This is freight that is moved by train.
cargo freight - Any freight shipped by cargo ship or plane.
freight brokers - A person who buys and sells freight to third parties.
freight container - Any cell used to ship goods.
freight service - Any services provided by a company that can be used in freight.
road freight - freight by means of road.
freight carriers - Carriers that provide freight services.
ltl freight - Less than truckload freight. This refers to shipping items via truck that cotains multiple seperate shipments
freight insurance - Insurance that is covered for shipping your freight items.
international freight forwarders - a third party logistics provider who primary ships to international countries.

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