Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Rollin West

Got unloaded this morning and headed over to Battle Creek, MI. Load was ready when I got there, grabbed it and headed west for California.

I am currently in Des Moines, IA. A routine 586 mile ride through Michigan, Indiana, Illinois and into Iowa. This is a photo of the Iowa 80 truck stop. It is the largest truck stop in the country. It is like a shopping mall inside. It can park over 800 trucks. I did not really have time to stop today, but it is no problem killing 2-3 hours in this place.

I will leave here about 4:00 am, and do 600 to 650 miles tomorrow. I gotta be in California on Friday afternoon.

Sara is kicking ass on the kitchen! She sent me a couple of photos. Take a look at them. She will send me more when she is completely done, but looks awesome so far. Don't know how you do it all honey, but you are truly amazing.

Still working on improving this blog site with the photos from Flickr. Please bear with me as I am still learning.

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