Thursday, August 13, 2009

Foto Story Friday #62 --- Short term pet

Hosted by Cecily and MamaGeek

A while back we went branding.... like June. Scott was given a freshly caught horny toad lizard and well after creating a home/cage for him out of a cut-down water bottle and some grass, he was set on the back of the truck for safe keeping. When he went back to check on him, he's fallen off the truck and gotten free. Scott was SO sad because he was sure the oldest son of the people we were branding with had eaten him. Yeah the teen had been teasing Scott, and poor Scott thought he was serious.! Well, his dad felt bad about the teasing and promised he's catch him..... true to his word, he stopped by with a present for Scotty:
I was ever so thankful to him for keeping his promise..... NOT! This lizard was much larger and Scott wasn't quite as sure about it.
It is very difficult to keep a lizard warm without a heat lamp or heat rodck, so we improvised for the night and put him in the room with the water heater for the house heat system. He must have stayed warm enough, cause he was still kicking in the morning. We could not keep him.... I didn't even know what he should eat! So we wrapped him gently in a towel and set off for Makoshika State Park on a walk.
I kept telling both Scoot and EmmaLece that we couldn't keep him and he would be much happier in the park with the other lizards.
I thought they understood, but they didn't! We set him down and said good-bye and they both CRIED! I was a bit surprised, we'd had him for less than a day! But ya know Scott did name him: Leafy.
We then set him up on the side of the hill said good-bye again and
Walked home to a chorus of sniffles and whimpers! Who could have thoughtthey would become attached in such a short time span?! Just today EmmaLece was telling me how she missed Leafy!

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