Sunday, July 26, 2009


After long last, I am delighted to be here in this tiny internet cafe in Busia writing to you all. I have been in Busuma (the bush) for about 2weeks and am now in Busia, in a very small city where they have one little place with electricity and internet. What a novelty. We just arrived yesterday in Buwunje, District Busia, in another rural area where we will be building the school. My oh my it is gorgeous! There are small and colorful mountains, many tall and different trees, and lots of greenery.Red and yellow wildflowers are scattered about. This area is much more spread out, lacking the common area and community feel of Busuma. We are missing the beautiful kids and people of Busuma, but we are blessed that Pastor Godwin decided to accompany our group. He is the most joyful and pleasant person to be around, as well as a passionate man of God. We stopped yesterday in a village called Namamera to drop off school supplies and other items for the kids that Aurora helps out. Today, we have been riding around looking for materials to build the school. I'm telling you,it is much harder here to get things done! It is so different from American that when you want things, they are not right at your fingertips. You must search and bargain and wait and hope and pray that you'll find what you are looking for. Today we were trying to find sand to build the base of the school and a truck to transport. One thing I have learned is to expect delays and be patient patient patient. As they say, things here work on "African time" aka SLOWLY. Here we are staying in a little hut next to the owner of the land, Pastor Giddeon. They have been good to us,feeding us delicious matoke, potatoes, chapoti, eggs, rice, pineapple, tea,and more. Here it is soooo easy to be vegan as dairy like cheese and milk is very rare. Dessert is nonexistent. I basically eat vegetables and occasionally rice for every meal. Also, they rigged a shower sort of deal with a little water jug filled with ground water for us to bathe in. We're living large now, haha. Honestly, I am not missing the comforts of home too badly. Sure we don't have electricity, clean or running water,chocolate, TV, computer, etc., and we do have tons of spiders and flies and such, but I am doing great! When God anoints you for a mission, He equips you with everything you need to get by. My biggest issues are simply missing my family and friends, worship music, and exercise. Also,it's hard never having alone time to sit and talk to God. But, I have been able to walk every so often. Not alone though, someone always accompanies me which is good. Walking refreshes and rejuvenates my spirit. Monday we should begin preparing the foundation of the school. I must go now but I just ask for your continued support in prayer; prayer for our strength,wisdom, unity, and courage. God bless you all and I cannot wait to see you.

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