Sunday, July 26, 2009

Road Tax

If proof were ever needed that our political classes live in a different world/dimension to the rest of us the latest utterances from that House of Crass Arrogance has to be the ultimate proof. Now they advocate "Road Pricing" as an alternative to Road Tax, but not, I note, to Fuel Duty, which nets the Whitehall W*nk*r Brigade an astonishing 88 pence in every litre we put in the tank. The argument runs that we should poay for using the roads.

Excuse me, but I thought we were already - £10 billion in Road Tax and probably twice that in Fuel Duty! And not even a fifth of that is actually spent on roads or transport!

So now they want to introduce a sort of Toll system which will have each of us monitored as we drive and somewhere in Whitehall a meter will be running, measuring how much mileage you are doing and how much you must send them for the privilege at the end of each month. What they do not explain, since, as usual, they are looking only at the city and motorway traffic, is how those of us who live outside of the cities and away from their cattle-truck transport systems, will manage to get to and from work. Or the impact that this tax on travelling to work and back will have on the woder economy. As usual it is driven by the city dwelling Fiends of the Earth and Greenpeace Ecowarriors who would like to see us all back to living on self-subsisting smallholdings in unheated, unlit mud huts with thatch roofing and animal dung walls and floors. Of course, they omit the fact that we'd need animal skins to clothe ourselves and charcoal (which generates huge amounts of Carbon Monoxide) to heat our mud huts and international travel or even travel to the next collection of mud huts would be a thing of the past.

This government and their supporters and lobbyists see motorists as cash cows, to be milked as often and as viciously as possible. They hate the personal freedom that comes with car ownership because it means we are not under their control and they cannot control our movements or our choices. They hate independent thought and particularly anyone of inniative. What they want is a controlled, immobilised society of good little citizens who will do as we are told, pay everything we earn to them so they can enrich themselves and prevent us from doing what is right for us as individuals and not as the pawns they want us to be.

Naturally none of these morons has worked out that every increase in fuel duty, road tax or tolls translates into higher food prices and inflation. That just doesn't enter Whitehall's ideology driven thinking.

This is a tax we should all resist - if necessary by driving our politicians and their civil service puppeteers into the Thames!

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