Monday, July 27, 2009

Sunday, July 26, 2009

It is Sunday afternoon and we are driving from Laughlin, NV to Barstow, California – very SLOWLY – I might add! We hate this 55 MPH law in California. It seems like we are crawling along!! Anyway, we are about 35 miles from there now.
Fort Irwin, where we are going to unload in the morning, is very close to there so that is where we are planning to stay tonight. We are crossing the Nojave Desert and it the scenery is pretty boring.

Yesterday, we had a great day in Laughlin. We started our day out by the pool but that only lasted until noon – it was SO-O-O-O hot! The temperature yesterday reached 109 in the shade so it didn’t take but a couple of hours and we were ready for the AC. Today, they are predicting 110 and think it made it!! You couldn’t even breathe walking across the parking lot. It was 134 on the truck thermometer when we started out because it had been sitting on pavement without any air on.

We walked across to the outlet mall (which is all indoors) yesterday, and then ate at the “In and Out Burger” down the street. We had seen several of these throughout the west, but never tried it. They were started in the 1940’s and they still do everything the exact same way – complete with fresh cut fries and fresh (not frozen) hamburger meat. They still wrap them in paper sleeves and have nothing on the menu except hamburgers and fries, literally. You can double meat or add cheese, but that is it! It is good and apparently very popular, because the line was out the door.

After the sun started going down, we walked the river walk and went through a lot of the hotels/casinos. By the time we returned, it was after midnight so we slept in this morning before heading out.
“Bath Mat Fun Fact #13” The human heart beats over 100,000 times each day. I will share some pictures that we took along the walk.
Until tomorrow,

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