Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

After 2 great days in Vegas, we are on our way to Kingman, AZ to pick up a load going to West Richland, Washington. We had a wonderful time in Vegas and the Gold Coast turned out to be a wonderful hotel for $4.94 a night. We still can’t believe we only paid $4 plus tax for that room. The rooms were excellent and the shuttle that ran every 20 minutes to the strip turned out to be great and convenient! I think we will definitely be checking it out the next time we are in Vegas. The shuttle dropped you off at Bill’s on the strip (right beside the Flamingo) and you could catch the monorail from there. It has been 4 years since we were in Vegas and the monorail was free at the time, but it wasn’t finished all the way from MGM to the Sahara’s, which it is now. It still isn’t bad if you buy a 24-hour pass at $12.00 or a 3-day if you are going to be there that long. Otherwise, it is $5 each way if bought individually.

We lucked upon a discount ticket station at Bill’s. We didn’t know they even had those places, but there was a line of people, and of course we were curious as to what they were standing in line for. Anyway, we ended up getting tickets to the Zumanity show for last night. We had tried to go there the last time we visited and they were booked up. The tickets were about 40 percent less than regular price. The only drawback is that you have to carry the vouchers to the actual theatre and get the seats, but we did that yesterday morning after purchasing the tickets and were given EXCELLENT seats! It was a fantastic show!

Anyway, we love Las Vegas and had a great time there once again – if it could have only been cooler!!! The temperature yesterday hit 115, and literally, it was even hard to breathe. So it goes without saying that we did most of our walking inside and tried to stay away from anything outdoors.
Today, the air conditioner in the truck seems to be working well, and hopefully we won’t have to spend any more time in a Kenworth place. Until tomorrow, ---- Nope -- 3 hours later ---- I couldn't get enough signal to load the pictures so I decided to add a few lines and a picture of the load.
We finally got loaded and have some huge plastic pipe on board. They don't weigh a lot, but are bulky. The wind was blowing so hard in AZ that it took them 2 hours to load what should have been 30 minutes. Anyway, we are headed back just like we came through Las Vegas and up through Idaho, Oregon and into Washington. We are planning on trying for Boise, Idaho tonight.

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