Saturday, August 1, 2009

I'm trucking.....

Last night I zumbaed out doors which was a first for me. Lululemon gives free classes on Sundays and Thursdays...this July it was July Jiggle. I've loved it and it's been FREE. It also opened my eyes to a zumba studio a few towns over. 12 classes for 75.00 drop in. Heck yeah!!!!! I will be bikini bound in no time.

I peeked at the scale today and I'm going to keep my momentum over the weekend. The past few I've been down low and then BLOWN IT. I've set some guidelines. I'm also doing a little contest with a friend to see who loses 7 lbs first....I hope I beat her! is my plan for the weekend:

Tonight I'm making my mexican turkey skillet and will have that for lunch tomorrow (to save me having a hotdog on the course).

Dinner tomorrow, depending on if we see friends, will be fish. Exercise=18 holes of golf. I can, if I want, have 1-2 drinks on Saturday.

Sunday, Another 18 holes of golf in the morning. I am doing NO BOOZE on Sunday to have a good Monday WI. WATER WATER WATER.

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