Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Some Thoughts on the Waxman-Markey bill HR 2454

I would suggest anyone following this Waxman-Markey bill take a good long read of Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich's book "DRILL HERE, DRILL NOW" There is a wealth of information in that book. There is so much more we could be doing right here in the USA that would benefit other then the steps in the HR 2454 bill and if we did them or found ways to make them happen, we would not only eventually reduce carbon emissions, but we would drastically lower the price of energy across the board. Gas/Diesel at the pumps would go down due to abundant supplies of oil right here in the USA (reserves bigger than all of Saudi Arabia put together) Gas reserves also here. Some say the Rocky mountains are full of gold, well in a matter of speaking they are. We have not built a nuclear plant in this country since what 1976? (around there somewhere) we fear a 3 mile island happening, or worse Chernobyl, C'mon people, the acts of safety and committment that all the new technology has out there far outweight that of any blunders that may have been caused in the past. Other countries are getting so far ahead of the USA in current sustainable methods we will eventually become the laughing stock of the world! All this Green house gas stuff, though it may be important (and I'm honestly not convinced by a good mile) but it won't matter what we do in this country as long as China and India keep doing what their doing over there. China especially doesn't give a "HOOT" about the environment and they are opening up a new COAL FIRED plant every week, there economy will (as if it hasn't already) start booming. India is doubling the size of its fuel refinery (Ramnajan) and almost complete with that. Half the reason for the high prices is we must buy from them after it is refined as we can't refine the stuff in our own country.
Now don't get me wrong, I do think we need new technologies and there are many on the horizon, but if we continue doing things the way we are and do not start using our own massive abundances for current times, we will continue to fall further behind in the great energy race. I recall a movie I saw once about Hydrogen production. They say it was clean, natural, abundant, but if you dump that technology on the world in one feld swoop, you will collapse world markets all around. It must be done at a pace the world can accept (Movie title slips me: Morgan Freeman & Keeanu Reeves)
There is so much more that could be done right here in this country and think of some of the other side effects that could be positive. Most don't realize that just a simple .03 cent increase in oil prices adds millions of dollars to the country of IRAN, well known to support Hezbollah terrorist groups. Hmmm, If we started to drill in our own country and refine in our own country, and we kept all that extra money out of Iran, who supports terror groups, you think we might get a better handle on terrorism? Iran isn't the only one either, but you get my point! The USA is a self sufficient nation, but we won't use it.
Shell Oil spent hundreds of millions in all kinds of environmental safety precautions to make sure (gosh forbid) if anything happened in ANWR it would leave little or not mark on the environment and/or be contained very quickly. You think they would be allowed to drill up there in any new wells. NOT! The leftists in this country would have you believe they are drilling in the natural pristine forests and the certains species of wildlife and their habitats would be disrupted in very negative ways. Tell you what, why don't you all go visit Shell and Mobil up there and see just how many species of Wildlife are seen daily with the current expeditions up there, then come back and answer that question again.
There is more oil slick coming up from under the ocean floor then would ever be (how to put it?) "over leaked" out by actually drilling in the ocean waters, my gosh the stuff washes up on the beaches daily. I'm not a geologist, so I could be wrong here, but if the stuff is leaking out NATURALLY now, it does make me wonder what kind of pressure is down there pushing it up? If we could drill and capture some of that oil and releive the pressure we may also be preventing some sort of catastrophe from happening later on as well. That is simply a guess on my part, but I just wonder about things that I see with my own eyes too?
More than 10 years ago, it was told the congress and senate if you allow drilling in ANWR we will better control oil pricing, but the great and ever knowing politicians said, it will take 10 years to produce enough oil to make that happen. Now it has been over 10 years since President Clinton put the kabosh on that plan, now I ask you again, had we drilled ANWR and taken the steps to secure more of our own oil over 10 years ago, would we still be in the oil crisis we are in today? I think not ?
Yes, we need new technologies in the future, but you can't just turn our entire system upside down and unless you get the entire world on board, this will be nothing more than a self defeating escapade in the very end. Right now, we are going backwards in many respects.

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