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Keep up the good work Donaldson! You are not alone in this struggle to bring awareness and justice to trucking companies. I didn't have time to read through all of this, however here are a few things I have observed about the guy. I have spoke to Able, Henry, Nas and tracked him down to a contact at a municipal garage in NY just across the border.

Additionally, he uses a website called to contact trucks off of. Which in the states is under the jurisdiction of Getloaded is an American company and should be investigateable through ic3's authority. PLEASE report all scams to this website. If he didn't use an American internet company to contact you, please still report it. The more claims that come in, the more pressure those who were scammed can put on the American authorities to get something done. Canadian authorities and American authorities have always had a good working relationship. We can come together on this.

Another site which tries to help with prosecution is At the very least they will take your complaint, ask for proof, and if founded broadcast it.

I found one company that he was in the process of scamming after someone alerted me that he was calling on a specific freight lane and had called them with an offer to drop the load at a warehouse in the States. He has a good working directory of warehouses, he tells the US based carrier to bring the load to the warehouse, "luckily" located at the carriers desired destination, and he will have it delivered from there. I called the first carriers I saw posted near the pick up location and the second one had taken the load. I had to call them four times and beg them to call the shipper to find the real broker, but they finally did and figgured out they were scammed. But they were able to work out payment, get the load delivered, etc.

Another thing, if he took the load from a broker, you may have recourse through the broker as they will want to save face with their customer, so it doesn't hurt to try and find out if another company gave him the load.

Additionally, in the states ultimately, either the shipper or receiver is liable to the actual hauling company for compensations. Contact a transportation lawyer and they should be able to get you your money.

I'm sorry if this is a bit scattered, it has been a hectic few weeks and I'm short on time. If you need more information, go to and go to the forums, ask for Jess or Pam, they should be able to find posts that would answer questions.

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