Saturday, August 1, 2009

Still trucking along...

I've now been working out since Easter. That means that I have purposefully done some form of exercise at least 3x a week for a little over 15 weeks!! I've bought actual workout clothes. I have running shoes. I have more fitness apps than game apps on my phone. It's really quite bizarre!

I still can't run more than half a mile at a time (and I've only done that once!), but I am proud that I'm still doing it. It's unbelievable to me that I've stuck with something for this long.

I have an account on, and update my info every time I run. I also signed up for challenges on there yesterday, and I'm very excited. The first one starts tomorrow, so I guess I'll be running on an off day! I also started thinking about if/where/when I'm going to run when we go to Disney. That's definitely something I never thought I'd be thinking about.

My weight and measurements aren't moving much, but I can tell I'm more tone and more fit than I was 15 weeks ago. I might have only lost 6ish pounds, but I definitely feel better, think I look better, and am looking forward to getting in even better shape in the future!

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