Sunday, July 26, 2009

Montreal bound again...

Hi all, well the run to Calgary didnt last too long, under 2 days to be precise. A switch was arranged at Nipigon as the drivers heading towards us had time off booked and needed to be back in Lethbridge. Waited for over 3hrs for them to show up which was not there fault as somewhere along the line the times got confused which meant Paul and I could of ran an extra 200 miles and the team we were switching with would of had less to do to get them home.....amazing isnt it that in this age of computers, electronic route planners and times being tapped into a satellite communications system that so much can go wrong !

So we are heading back to Montreal and as we will be early for the delivery the plan is to drop the trailer at the yard and then hopefully it wont be too long until we get a backload.

Highway 11 and 17 are beginning to become a bit of a chore plus its pretty much not stopped raining hard for the last few days which makes it harder to drive into the night. Bad roads,no street lighting,hard rain and the ever present threat of Moose make the trip so much harder and tiring.
Making the most of things at the minute and grabbing some internet time at Flying J truckstop, Kapuskasing Ontario before pushing out another 300 miles to North Bay Ontario where we will call it a night. That will leave 300 miles to run tomorrow to reach Montreal.

No new pictures today as to be honest its been so grey and miserable it hasnt been worth getting the camera out. I did stop at the Walmart and had some printed just to see how they looked on paper and I was pleased with the results.
Next time you hear from me it will more than likely be from the truckstop near to the yard in Montreal Quebec

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