Sunday, July 26, 2009

The Calm Before The Storm

At the end of this coming week, the staffing meeting will take place and paperwork will be filed in court. The transition to return home will begin.

We have been advised not to say a word about it to Jack and Jill until everything is set in stone. Mom is obviously chatting up the move during visits because they keep bringing it up and their behaviours are starting to show signs of turmoil. Her nightmares have started up again and both are manic-hyper after visits. Jack keeps asking Nantie if she still loves him and, as you can imagine, the conversations bring her to tears.

We're going to start the packing process soon so we're not scrambling the night before the move. Nantie picked up brightly colored boxes that will work great for the tons of toys and clothes that will be going. The transport workers had better rent a Ryder truck for the load.

No joke.

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